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Why NOW is the best time to sell your jewelry

First-time jewelry sellers may have some reservations when parting with a once-beloved piece of jewelry. The number one concern for anyone selling their used jewelry is “will my expectations be met by the offer provided, and will I get a top value offer for my item?”

We understand the concern. After all, many of us have read news articles about concerning experiences in the jewelry reselling world, including inconsistency, arbitrary offers, and even jewelry mishandling. Selling your used jewelry and gemstones to pawn stores and other outlets can harm your chances of receiving the best offer for your item. That’s because it’s not always guaranteed that the person evaluating your item is a trained jewelry professional with decades of experience. On top of that, the jewelry may be deconstructed and resold to other resell companies, leaving you with a smaller offer for your item.

So how is PJ Buyback able to give the best offer over the competition? It’s simple. Our staff is composed of jewelry wholesale professionals who have put in the years to understand the fine nuances of gemstone and jewelry evaluation. On top of understanding the current jewelry market trends and demands, we know how to repurpose the materials from used jewelry to breathe new life into them. Our talented staff has earned trust through dedication and decades of practice in the industry.

Selling jewelry the PJ Buyback way is the only guaranteed way to have a seamless, professional experience that yields the best value offer for your item. You can be confident that your item will be handled respectfully, discreetly, and with no-strings attached, meaning that there’s never any pressure to accept the offer. We aim to provide an honest, educated offer for your item, which is why over 95% of our clients say “yes” to every offer. When the time comes and pieces from your jewelry box no longer have a place or fit in your life, the trusted professionals at PJ Buyback know how to provide a straight-forward experience with an immediate cash offer for your item.

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