Testimonials on selling jewelry with PJ Buyback


Our clients love working with PJ Buyback to sell their unused stones and jewelry. Here’s what they had to say about their reselling experience.

PJ Buyback made it so easy for me to upgrade my engagement ring! I loved the offer on my center stone so much, I went up half a carat size for my new stone. I love my dream ring!

New York, NY

I reached out to PJ Buyback to sell some of my antique family jewelry, and was amazed with my offer! I’m never letting unused jewelry sit around in the back of my closet again.

New York, NY

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my diamond earring studs for years, and can’t believe I waited so long! PJ Buyback made me a stellar trade-in offer, and I was able to afford the pair of my dreams.

Memphis, TN

I was ready to part with some old jewelry from my ex, and PJ Buyback made the resell process so easy. I was thrilled with my offer, and used the cash to give my wardrobe a fresh start!

San Antonio, TX