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Q & A with the
Buyback Experts

Navigating the jewelry reselling process can be a little intimidating at the beginning, because first-time jewelry resellers are riddled with questions. We’re here to help answer the top five questions that we see on a regular basis with a Q & A session with the buyback experts.

What is the most amazing piece of jewelry you’ve ever purchased?

It’s hard to pick one that stands out from some of the finest pieces that have been brought to us. This extraordinary emerald and diamond jewelry set stands apart from the rest because of its intricate detail, high value, and age (it’s an antique at over 100 years old!). We never cease to be amazed at jewelry designs this beautiful that are over a century old.

emerald earrings and necklace to sell q & a with the buyback experts

What can I do to get the best value for my jewelry?

Your gemstone or jewelry’s value is based 99% on loose material value and demand for the stone or jewelry style, factors beyond an individual’s control. What you can do beforehand to help the appraisal process is clean, polish and repair and broken parts of the jewelry. This will help the item appear more valuable and desirable to your resell expert, especially if you are mailing in your jewelry item for an offer.

Why should I work with an online jewelry reselling business instead of a pawn shop?

Pawn stores operate on quick-turn transactions, so if they can’t easily resell your item, they won’t make you a very high offer. Additionally, pawn stores don’t have access to high-end markets to resell the piece, and having to sell the item to another jewelry store will decrease the offer you receive on your item.

Our business spans every aspect of the jewelry business, including our own line of high-end fashion jewelry and custom jewelry. Touching every part of the jewelry business means that we are aware of current market trends, style and material demand, and have an insider edge on exactly how valuable your item is to the industry. Having been in business for over 40 years, PJ Buyback has an established market for resold jewelry that is unmatched by local pawn stores.

What kinds of jewelry pieces stand the test of time, and are unaffected by shifts in trends or demand?

Simple designs, such as solitaire engagement rings, diamond earring studs, simple-line diamond necklaces, diamond bangles and tennis bracelets are truly timeless designs that always command top value at PJ Buyback. Art Deco pieces from 1925-1955 are incredibly valuable and timeless, having a certain sense of unmatched nostalgia and opulence.

diamond tennis bracelets q & a with the buyback experts

Do you have a favorite purchase story?

We love hearing the story behind why some people need to part with their jewelry, and our favorite stories include selfless acts of love. One couple wanted to sell us a few of their treasured heirlooms so they could buy their grandson and his new wife a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Being in the jewelry business, romantic stories like this are why we live and breathe the process of jewelry creation and acquisition.

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